Tuesday, February 2, 2010

*Happy sigh*

Patch 3.3.0

Before I hit the sack, just wanted to shout out to Disani! Thanks for making a DK on my server and running around Hellfire with me and Nuku tonight. It was a nice 'welcome back to the game' for me, since I had been on a WoW-hiatus last month. Hehe.

Awe man!!! I didn't even screen cap anything for cheesy scrapbook memories!!!!111 XP And I still gotta make you a new background, don't think I forgot about it ^_^.


  1. You are so very welcome! I had sooo much fun =D lol probably the most fun I'd had in WoW for a long time now xD *hugz*

  2. Just coming here to tell you your videos own ;_;
    Keep posting thx.

  3. @Disani - *hugs*!!

    @ruxpin_exe - Thanks for commenting! ^_^