Monday, February 1, 2010

My guild is no more.

Patch 3.3.0

My guildies were harassed by other players about our guild name, New Moon, (thanks to the ever-so-infamous Twilight/New Moon series) so they decided to gquit and started up a new guild.

And, I guess there was a miscommunication, but I think they thought that Nuku and I were going to join them. =/

  1. Nuku and I paid for the guild website. $60/year. And we pay $4/month for the Vent. Out of the few months that our friends were in the guild, no one offered to contribute. And nobody really even used the site, so I can't blame anyone for that =(. And I know that $4/mo. is a very small price, but it adds up. =/
  2. I created New Moon way before the vampire/werewolf saga even existed. It's unfortunate that other players harass other players in general, and I'm sad that our guild name became a topic of shit-talking to the point where my friends can't even bear the words above their toons' heads. =/
  3. In all my time in New Moon, I can honestly say that only about 3000g total has ever been put into the gbank by all of our members combined. And that was after I bought all 9000g worth in tabs. =/

  1. I'll have the gbank to myself again for my and Nuku's alts. Yay 4 hoarding. ^_^
  2. I won't feel like I wasted money on a site that no one uses anyway.
  3. What's the point in being in a guild anymore when the PUG system exists?
  4. I don't have to feel obligated as guild master to "run" the guild.

So, yeah. Whatever. When in-game things like this get on my nerves, it makes me not want to play WoW anymore. I have to admit that a part of it re-hashes my social anxiety and that's why it gets on my nerves so badly... 'Cuz it's a freakin game. It shouldn't upset people out of game.. at all. [PERIOD!]


  1. I think the guild name is great and it's good to hold on to the investment. You never know when another group of people that you enjoy playing with will want to have that great title "New Moon" above their heads. Guild banks are handy to have in any case.

    Its a good thing that our self-worth isn't determined by the whims of people we play with.

  2. @Shamir - I agree completely. Very nicely said.

  3. Eh, i don't think the "it's just a game" excuse works anymore. Maybe when UO was all new and people were still adjusting... But it's been more than 10 years since then, and i think we can safely say that MMOs, or at least some of them, can be an extension of our social lives. Places, albeit virtual, where we hang out with our friends, RL or otherwise. So it's not at all surprising that something that upsets your MMO life, upsets your Real Life as well.
    But then again, i don't play MMOs anymore, so what do i know...

    Btw, i love your Ninja Raiders song :3

  4. Why wouldn't you join their new guild ?

    A guild is about having fun together so speaking about money and stuff seems a bit out of tune to me. (And as a free tip, making people pay before buying the tabs works better :) )

    "What's the point in being in a guild anymore when the PUG system exists?"

    If that's what you think a guild is about, that's just sad :/

  5. @Dr. Fink - You do have a good point. I guess it just feels really silly to admit that a game does, in fact, affect my 'real life' since there's such a negative stigma about even admitting to playing an MMO as much as I do. =p
    And thanks for loving Ninja Raiders ^_^.

    @Norswap - There are a lot of reasons why I'm not joining their new guild. But if you are curious, I'll explain a couple things.

    For one, I do actually agree with you. A guild is about having fun together. I only said,
    "What's the point in being in a guild anymore when the PUG system exists?"
    ...because that was one issue with my guildies. We never had enough people to even run a 10-man since we were a small, tightly knit group, most of us are friends IRL. Also, since a lot of us do know each other IRL, I hope you can understand how I felt personally offended when people started complaining about the guild name that I personally chose. =(

    I only mentioned the cost of the website and vent because I spent lots of time boosting my friends through quests and instances, and when I mentioned the guild site and vent as a way for them to "repay" me when they say, "I owe you one", not a single person even acknowledged it. One of my RL friends even quit playing WoW once he hit 80 because he played to the point where got all geared out and had "nothing left to do" (Kinda shitty since he never considered actually playing with us end-game as 'something to do'). And he was the one who complained about our guild name in the first place. =/

    There are a few other reasons why I don't want to join their guild. But I fell like I've already explained far more than I needed to. =/ Just one more thing though: I might just be a bad guild leader... but I still have yet to find a guild in which all the members care about the guild as a whole. =/

  6. Even though they have their own fits of drama, Xant's guild on Bronzebeard is the -only- guild I have been in where I felt welcomed by everyone. Yeah, when I started with her on Nazjatar in my friend's guild (created after their guild blew up from drama) I had her and her husband and made a few friends, but I was just "the GL's kinda-sorta-not-really sister."

    Over It was a blessing to me, honestly. They're the rare guild where everyone cares about everyone else, and even people who have left to join 25-man guild still PUG in with them. They're also the biggest reason I'm staying on Bronzebeard (outside of money).

    Here's hoping things go well for you. I know how it can feel to be unappreciated by your friends, or people who should be a friend.

  7. Hey! new time poster, long time reader =]

    But honestly, you know it's a sad day when people start to harass someone else over something related to the infamous Twilight saga. Seriously - New Moon can mean and represent a whole number of things, not just some shoddily written novel. I'm sorry you had to put up with that.

    As for your comment "...but I still have yet to find a guild in which all the members are about the guild as a whole" I can tell you right now, the guild I'm currently in (and hope to be in till the day I quit WoW) all its members care for and respect other members of the guild as well as healthily donating gold and actual IRL money towards it ;) So guilds like that DO exist.

  8. @Misae Silverfall - Thank you very much for the reassurance and understanding. It makes me feel grounded again just knowing that people do understand. ^_^

    @Megan - Thanks for taking a moment to post a reply and for the sweet indication that people actually do read my blog! *giggle*. I really appreciate the feedback. And thank you for the reassurance that good guilds DO exist! ^_^ Sounds like you have a really good group there! *is envious* XD

  9. I understand better now, seems like you where way more in the whole guild things than your guildies.

    I still feel that a name is not worth getting upset about. But then it's true there's the guild bank, the website, etc... Not taking that into account is really lame from your guildmates.

    Anyway it's true good guilds exist, I'm in one right now, and it's quite ironic it's on a private wow server :D

    But there may be some kind of cultural difference, we spend our time trash talking on Team Speak (in French) and while we're one of the highest achieving guild of the serveur, we ain't really loot-focused, we rather enjoy playing for the sake of it and having fun during in-game events. Really fun, but that's not really how I picture most guilds :)

  10. @Norswap - Sounds to me like your guildies really get a long with each other! ^_^ I've never played on a private server before, but I suspect players on private servers have a different attitude about the game than most players on the public ones. I've played on both Normal (PvE), and PvP, and I can honestly say players are the same on both. However, I've never tried out RP... and I'm tempted to try it out. The only reason I hesitate is because of the fact that people I know IRL play on my current server. =/

    Anyway, before I ramble on too much, thank you for understanding! =)

  11. You should really give RP a try, it's not that weird and doesn't have to be an all-immersive or serious thing. Recently we had a "Dwarf Hunt" which was really an hide and seek with riddles.

    For having played on both official and private server, I can say people largely tend to behave the same. Perhaps the fact people expect more from official servers reflects on what they expect from people, but if it's the case it's barely noticeable.

    So anyway, keep having fun as that's what matters.

  12. hey, i just saw your video on youtube so i decided to check out the site, saw this blog. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I was on Korgath server for a while and the same exact thing happened to me. I put all this time into my guild and this and that. And then somehow everyone thought we were relocating to another guild and they thought I was part of it. And my RL friend told me about it, and I had no clue what he was talking about. Signed on, everyone was outa the guild (thats the short of it). it really sucks. but hooray for free lewt!

    p.s. apparently you're in my battlegroup. So if you're in the BGs, Make way! :-P

    Venturestein (Horde) - Draenor

  13. @metalfist19 - Yeah, the guild thing sux. They took all the Frostweave too =(. Oh well.

    Lol, WoWArmory'd you. That'd be fun to see you in a BG ^_^. You'd rape me even if you weren't in full PvP set. I don't have any PvP gear... Oh wait, I have gloves. QQ rofl. Funny cuz when I think I'm gonna honor farm.. I find something more productive to do, like write new lyrics ^_^. lol. But apparently, I can get ok PvP gear from doing heroics now, so I may just PUG my way into a li'l set. ANY resil is greater than NO resil!! Rofl. So if you do see me in a BG, don't laugh... too hard! XD

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw! I really appreciate it.

  14. all the frostweave? O.o make a tune on draenor, take ours, and then xfer it to your server. we have a couple hundred just sitting around. i find myself making heavy frostweave bandages just because there's already so much in the bank.

    and yeah you can get a full furious set just through triumph badges. any pvp gear is def. better than none, especially since they buffed resillence as of this past patch. And if I see you in the BGs, i'll try not to be too harsh. :-P

  15. Man it sounds like High School drama all over again. Sounds like it be alot of fun to play with you though. Sux your not on Vindication battle server i have A & H toons

  16. @Sinnerzorn - It feels like high school drama too. lol. ^_^