Saturday, April 3, 2010

Huntard Update

Patch 3.3.3

Shh, don't tell anyone, but I've been playing a horde rogue for a li'l while now. (I think some of you may already have known this if you're following me on Twitter or paying attention to me that closely. O_O) But anyway, she used to recently be a troll too 'cuz I created her during the Love is in the Air event specifically for the Fistfull of Love meta achieve, but my honey paid for a race change so I could play a pretty blood elf. I would have rerolled, but she was already lvl 43, had all [Frostweave Bags], high lvl Mining/Engineering, and a few achievements under her belt, but that's beside the point. Anyway...

So, my hubster and I were questing in Un'Goro Crater last night, he on his mage, me on my rogue, and we ran into King Mosh. Mind you, I already had an Ironhide Devilsaur tamed for my hunter and that was even after abandoning the first plain ol' albino-looking Devilsaur I had. But since the red T-rex model is my favorite of the four currently available, I just had to tame King Mosh!

Side note: I know that I could have just searched Un'Goro for an un-rare elite Tyrant Devilsaur, but the fact that this was King Mosh made the tame that much more satisfying.

So, I logged out and hopped on my hunter, took the portal from the Violet Citadel to Tanaris, flew from Gadgetzan to Un'Goro, and ran to meet Nuku still on his mage. I placed a Freezing Trap and began taming... I was so excited that I never looked up any tips on taming him! So, ya... he feared me. And my hunter is only lvl 78 in blues and greens, so she was a li'l squshy. After the 3rd and 4th try, Nuku joined me on his druid.

New Plan: Nuku aggro Mosh, I start taming the second he gets feared.

TL;DR: After about 10 tries taming King Mosh, I have a new Devilsaur pet for my hunter. ^_^

So... what should I name him? Suggestions from myself and Nuku: Moshpit, Moshroom, Tony. I'm open to any and all. =D Thanks!


  1. Poshmosh, Moshmoore, Moshsmash, RedRevel, JurassicTex,Fivealarmfrenzy

  2. Aaah..not you, too x3 I just rolled a blood elf pally on my "horde" server (Wyrmrest Accord), after swearing to myself that I wouldn't even think of making a blood elf every again x3

    As for the name....I like Moshroom :3

  3. I had alot of fun helping you catch Mosh! That beast is for sure the biggest butthead to tame I've ever seen!

  4. @Sinnerzorn - Thanks for the options.

    @RavenSylphe - Well, my rogue was originally a level 20 night elf alt rotting away on my character selection screen untouched for ages. So, I deleted her and just rerolled.

    I like the thought of leveling a horde character just to have "been there" before Cataclysm. I know I'll have never experienced the Horde like vanilla WoWers, but it's still worth it for the difference from alliance questing and lore. I'm also getting two birds with one stone by leveling a new class ^_^.

    And I also like Moshroom. That was one Nuku suggested. Hehe. If I can't think of a more meaningful name, I think Moshroom will be it. I forgot, we can rename pets now too with a scroll from scribes. So, I guess naming pets isn't that big a deal anymore.

  5. @Nuku - Heh, didn't realize you were posting a comment as I was posting mine. XP But ya, for a lvl 60 elite, King Mosh was a freakin' paaaain. Thanks for distracting him with your uber burness.

  6. Funny thing is,My friend from school, his guild he is in uses King mosh as a test for level 70s and he said that king mosh could take down even geared level 70s and 80s

  7. So sad that you changed your race from troll to BElf. I love my troll mage (Archimonde)! :)

    Incidentally, I also have several alliance characters on Whisperwind, just to see the difference between alliance and horde quests.

    Also, I love Moshroom as a pet name.

  8. Ah, I understand that. There are some aspects of the Horde that I like over the Alliance, mainly in some of the lore and the leaders, mainly Thrall and Varian x3 Varian is such an ass, imo.

    And naming pets is totally a big least for me >.> I spend hours looking for the perfect name for a pet. Yay for Moshroom!

  9. Venturestein. or, noobenstein, as a hunter in my guild has dubbed his pet.

    Venturestein (draenor)

  10. @deejayfang - Your friend's guild use King Mosh as a test? How so? Is it like, if a player can solo him, he can join the guild? That's an idea I never heard of, but it makes complete sense so you can find out that the player isn't a total noob. XD

    @Anna - I actually had a hard time deciding between orc and blood elf when I race changed, but I let visual and audible aesthetics rule my decision. Don't get me wrong, I think troll females are beautiful and I really would've liked to keep her as a troll. But I specifically got really tired of the troll female's animation for Eviscerate. It's almost as if she's about to break her back. It made me sad sometimes. Especially moments where I Eviscerate and take a step in any direction while the animation is going... it's just freakish. lol.

    @RavenSylphe - I couldn't agree with you more about Varian. I haaate that guy. I've run into a few horde players who admit to judging alliance players based off of their opinion of Varian, and I tell them that almost all the alliance players I know hate Varian just as much as horde players do and want nothing to do with him.

    You know, there are a lot of alliance leaders who've made some really bad, world-affecting decisions... hmmm.. Arthas Menethil anyone? The more I quest on my hordey, the more I learn about how noble the faction leaders are.

    A quote I find interesting and more and more true, said by Garona Halforcen to a notable alliance character (not sure if it was King Llane before she assasinated him or just an alliance friend) according to

    "In your histories, there are continual justifications for all manner of hellish actions. Claims of nobility and heritage and honor to cover up every bit of genocide, assassination, and massacre. At least the Horde is honest in their naked lust for power."

    You know what they say, honesty is the best policy. =)

  11. @metalfist19 - Oh! and thank you for more options!

  12. @Isolte No its a test for a level 70 of the guild, they must solo king mosh as the guild leader watchs.