Friday, April 2, 2010

For the record...

Patch 3.3.3

I did not delete my main. ^_^ I did, however, create and delete a lvl 1 toon on another server for the April Fool's video. I feel bad to have fooled some people. But I am proud of my video editing skills. XD I even moved my character list up a slot so it looks like Isolte wasn't in it anymore. XP Oh, and I only blurred out my alts because I do like to have some privacy. Hehe.

And thank you to those of you who knew that the video was a fake but you still played along. It was fun for a day. But to everyone who may be slightly offended that I played a joke on you, I am very sorry, I just couldn't resist. It's been years since my last April Fool's prank and I don't even remember it being successful in tricking anyone.. at all. Lol. Thanks for playing with me. ^_^ /hugs all around.


  1. That was an awesome video =)

  2. I have to admit you got me on that one! lol. I wasn't even thinking about that it was April fools day. Haha!

  3. @Nate V - Thanks. XD

    @David Worley - I was sure that I wouldn't fool everybody, but I am a little happy I fooled some ppl. *evil grin* I find it encouraging since my video editing skills are pretty lame lol.

  4. i almost forgot what day it was but after i found out and before i watched your video and knew it wasn't true. thanks for the gesture Ember. I wish you happy Easter and much luck on your future songs