Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Quixotical Idea...

Patch 3.3.0

I have the lyrics all written out for a new parody song.. and I've had one Machinima Producer in mind for the video, Quix0tica. I even had her in mind while writing the lyrics since the song is completely "Attention Whore" based, and I'm guessing that she's a Lady Gaga fan. I'm thinking about sending her a message on YouTube tomorrow... Wish me luck.


  1. Totally behind on this, but I hope you did get in touch with her, and she responds favorably! :)

  2. @Misae Silverfall - I'm a chicken. Socially awkward sometimes. I didn't message her today. But your encouragement is way appreciated. I definitely need it. =D

  3. I know how it can be. It took me a couple days to message the people who would become my new guildies. And commenting on posts (blogs, art, etc) of people who I admire? That was all but impossible until I realized "Eh, they're still people."

    (It also helped to, a few years ago, dye my hair blue, then go to the county fair and sing some karaoke. :D)

  4. She's a really nice person to talk to it just sucks she seems to be a socially shy (first draft thought about social-techno-phobe but she's a web M.D. on pages and stuff as is most of the talent of WoW Parodies, why did i get into this again? lol)

    anyways sorry for the rant and i can't wait to see your names on a project together your my favorite newcomer and on my Machinima Top 5.

  5. @Sinnerzorn - Thanks for the input. You actually just reminded me that I need to get back to her ^_^. She responded to my message. She's got a pretty full plate atm, but she seems pretty open to the idea of working with me at a later time. XD
    Also, thank you so much for the compliment! It's really encouraging and I hope I can keep it up!