Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rage Block'd. Sry!

Patch 3.3.0
So, if you're following me on Twitter and all of a sudden can't see my Tweets, it's because I had a crazy furry breakdown and blocked tons of people who follow me because of my connection to WoW. I had a mental breakdown Saturday night related to the furry fandom and thought it would be best to create a new Twitter account specifically for WoW stuff... So, I went ahead and "protected my tweets" and blocked people from what was to become my 'furry-only' twitter...

... Then I got over it. Lol. So, if you happen to be someone I blocked, please don't take it personally. Just re-follow me if you dare. ^_^ I'm not gonna make a separate account because posting to one is enough for me. If you have a problem with what I Tweet about, just un-follow me? Simple as that.

And on that note, since FurCon is over, I have WAY more time to focus on more WoW parodies and playing WoW in general, so I'm back!


  1. That's a very nice fursuit head! Always nice to see another furry that plays WoW.

  2. Commenting again, since I noticed something about your profile I overlooked before... Apple user? Hooray!

  3. @Misae Silverfall - All my "furiends" that play WoW are planning to roll Worgen. (Go figure..) ^_^ And actually, some of my furry friends who don't play WoW are planning to start specifically for the worgen! Haha. Oh yeah, on the furry note, if you use LiveJournal, I have one too, since most furs I know LIVE by LJ.. It's friend's only, so I'll add ya if you got one. ^_^

    And yes. Option+Shift+K FTW!!! ^_^ I love Apple. I was a "switcher". I've used PCs since the early '90s but in 2003, I got my first Mac for college. I studied Graphic Design and learned right away that Apple was the Design standard! I mean when I was in kindergarten, I got to play Oregon Trail on an Apple II, but that's doesn't really count I guess.

    I will admit though, now that I have an Intel MacBook Pro, I do have Windows XP installed on a partition, but I only ever boot to windows if I wanna play around with WoWModelViewer! XP

  4. The Worgen was a plot to draw in the furries!!! though I am not a furry I still plan to roll worgen just because I think they look kick ass.