Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ninja Raiders on WoW Insider!!!!111

Patch 3.3.0
Wow, I don't know how @roninhobbit finds these juicy little things so quickly, but he just @replied me on Twitter with a link to the Movie Watcher plug of Ninja Raiders on WoW Insider!!! So, exciting! Disani, come look!


Like Ryan said, "We've created a monster." XD


  1. So I most definitely discovered this blog from watching Ninja Raiders when my friend posted a link on Facebook--as a rabid female wow player, this is so retardedly awesome. xD; I will definitely be following this blog now! And totally using my joint account because I don't have my own!

    So... random comment to tell you that you win!


  2. @Bikki - You are awesome! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for that song - very entertaining. Do you provide any means to STOP IT PLAYING IN MY HEAD ALL DAY! :p Very catchy. Oh, and I'm rolling need on everything if I pug with you. *harumph*

  4. @Alan - Heh, I wish I could help you thar, but Ryan Myers' awesome lyrics are so catchy that I have trouble getting it out of my head too. That's one of the reasons why I asked him if I could record it! ^_^

    And yeah, I knew that singing this song would inevitably make me look like a ninja, but it's a freakin awesome song! They made me do it! *points at the wannabe ninjas in her head*