Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Patch 3.3.0

EDIT 6:51 PM - Wow, Wowhead's fast. I Tweeted at them and they replied less than a minute later. They fixed it!

I had to disable Wowhead's item-hover script in my blog because it was suddenly causing a strange error anytime someone visits or refreshes the page. I noticed right away that they changed the script code, so I thought that updating that would fix it.. but it didn't. The error is quite annoying: it prompts the browser to pop open a login message for "anadept.dev.wowhead.com"... I have no clue what that means, though I hope to find out soon. Although I haven't used Wowhead's item hover function in quite a few posts, I'd like to know that it still works when I do feel like linking an item =/...

Here's to figuring out what randomly went wrong..

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