Friday, September 4, 2009

New Moon

Patch 3.2.0

When other players find out that I'm the Guild Master of my own guild, New Moon, the question inevitably comes up: What does it mean? So, when I say it's my favorite book series, a player will often assume they know what it is and say, "Lemme guess... You a Stephanie Meyer fan?" I get kind of upset just because Ms. Meyer's success makes it more time consuming for me to explain that my New Moon has nothing to do with vampires. =) But it also gives me a chance to tell others about Midori Snyder's New Moon.

The trilogy by Midori Snyder, as far as I know, goes by New Moon Trilogy, Queens' Quarter Trilogy, and/or Oran Trilogy. The three books in order are New Moon, Sadar's Keep, and Beldan's Fire. These have been my "favorite book" since I was in the eighth grade. (I'm 24 years old now and I still love to re-read it.) If you are a fan of fantasy stories about elemental magick, rebel armies with a good cause, love and loss, these books are a must read. If you love to read and even if you don't like to read, like me, I have a feeling you'd still get hooked too.

New Moon is not just the title of the first book, but it's the name of the rebel group of the Queens' Quarter story. It is my somewhat secret hope that my guild members can display the same sort of courage and passion that Snyder's New Moon displays all throughout the story. Buuut... since I'm not playing on an RP server, I kinda keep that hope to myself so that I don't get flamed by all the PvPers and non-roleplayers. LOL. XD

And there you have it: why New Moon is called New Moon.

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