Saturday, August 1, 2009

My laptop is in the hospital.

Patch 3.1.3

I got my new hard drive, put it in, and now my video is gone. Took it in for repair and the tech assured me I did the install correctly and it was just "it's time" (that the video would go.) Since it is an Apple computer, I can't fix it myself. *cries* So, I'll have my computer back in a couple weeks. *sigh* And I was right in the middle of recording a new song too. Oh well, at least there's slightly good news: the motherboard is getting replaced and since they're shipping it out for repair, it'll only cost me $300 as opposed to $1500. =/ Yay.

Doesn't mean I can't hijack my hubster's laptop to play WoW on while mine is in repair. =) I just won't be recording any new music. But this will also give me time to write more stuff too, so I'll definitely take advantage of my computer-less time.

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