Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Patch 5.3
Hi. I'll make this post quick:
  • I've decided that my [Mog Mondays] are a lot more work than they're worth. Not planning on doing those regularly anymore.
  • The vlogs every Wednesday are just not happening either. Too much mental angst and personal issues preventing me from keeping up with them. No matter how much people tell me they love watching them, I still hate myself too much to enjoy actually recording them regularly.
  • I leveled a blood elf Prot Paladin to 90 in 5 days /played. (Roughly 2 weeks.) I adore her. And I loved playing a prot pally SO MUCH that I might even finish leveling my Human Paladin soon!
  • I am opening for art trades. But I am very picky about who I'll trade with. If you wanna trade, link me your DeviantArt (or other art site) with samples of your work. And if I don't want to trade with you, well... deal with it. My DeviantArt is: http://emberisolte.deviantart.com/. Trades are limited to sketches, no color, not digital, and if you can't settle for an iPhone pic of my sketch, don't ask to trade with me. (I plan on scanning art in when I have better access to a scanner, it's just really inconvenient lately.)
Thanks for reading my crap.

Negative Nancy

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