Monday, April 23, 2012

Update: Server Transferred AGAIN?

Patch 4.3.4

It's kind of a funny thing when things are going well for me in-game because those times tend to be the times that you hear from me the least! Since my last update, I've started attending a local WoW Meetup IRL, I've transferred servers (yet again lol), joined a new guild, and have actually set foot in a [Dragon Soul] 10 Normal with people I'll be raiding with on a regular basis! And right now, I've finally stolen a moment before logging in and getting consumed by the game to fill you in on my latest WoW shenanigans!

Just last month, I signed up for an account on to see if there were any local WoW groups on there and to my delight I found the SF Bay Area WoW group! I've been craving some real-live social interaction lately so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to meet new people both in-game AND out. On the discussion board I also found an awesome recruitment post for a mostly-locals guild and jumped on it! With my fairly bland experience on Darkspear (US-PvP), (I'll likely go into that in a future post...) this was the perfect time for me to start anew with active players that I'll have way more potential to actually see IRL on a more-than-once per year basis. XD

So, I started up a level one on Kil'jaeden (US-PvP), got an invite to the guild <Rangers> and was so warmly welcomed I could pop! And for the record, when I join new guilds or find people in-game that I'd like to play with regularly, I actually refrain from telling them that 1) I'm a girl, and 2) I'm "Ember Isolte" since I really enjoy playing with people who get to know me for how I play and who I am IN-game before getting to know me out of it! Lol. So, the idea of transferring my main again became more and more exciting, and I believe it really showed since I started logging into WoW again more regularly! As of now, I've transferred 3 characters over to Kil'jaeden (US-PvP) and plan to transfer 2 more. And although it's a PvP server, I feel quite at home.

A funny story: The week before last, the guild master asked if I could step in to heal [Dragon Soul] at Yor'sahj the Unsleeping and even though I've never healed any raids before, I said yes. O_O I did inform him that I hadn't had any previous raid healing experience, but he said they needed me and preferred a guildee, so in I went. They also needed another tank, so I asked Nuku if he wanted to join. Funny thing: Nuku had never tanked DS before, having only been there on his rogue, so he and I were pretty much complete noobs attempting to leave a good impression on our new guild by helping out however we could!

I had DPS'd the fights before in Raid Finder, but I was still nervous about healing since it's way different than meleƩ and Normals are harder than LFR! And when we went on to Warlord Zon'ozz, I was super embarrassed because I hadn't even spec'd into [Spirit Link Totem]! We wiped a few times because of one of the other healers DCing, but when we were all present, we got through it! XD After the raid that night, I went and respec'd my heals just in case they asked me to heal again!

I'm pretty excited for my WoW future having found a really casual guild where people actually enjoy keeping in touch with each other out of the game via IRL get-togethers. And I've only just begun to tell them about my WoW parodies and how I'd like to stream some raids someday in the future. Once they warm up to the idea (since it sounds like a lot of ppl are actually interested) you may see some raids on my stream in the future!


  1. Aw! That's so great Ember :) Congrats! My boyfriend and I recently re-rolled on a brand new server, but aren't in a big hurry to either find a guild or make our own. So far we just made our own guild for the guild bank (I'm a storage hog haha).

    I really miss the days of having a great group of people to hang out and raid with, because those were seriously some of my best WoW times ever.

    I really like your idea of checking on meetup for any local wow guilds, that's pretty awesome! I wonder if there are any in my area in SoCal? Hmm... Although it kind of sucks because my boyfriend lives up in NorCal (about 90mi east of SF)... Hmm.... But as I said, great idea!

    Good luck with your new guild, and may the awesome wow times continue :)

    <3 and harp strings,

  2. Awww Ember that sounds wonderful! I was so nervous when I healed my first raid on my shaman, but with a good guild it is so much fun!! :) I'm glad you are playing more often! I recently started playing a bit more on moonguard-ally (usually horde spirestone)and I too have found a guild who has open arms and is pretty casual but does a lot of fun things.

    P.S. Your transmog is beautiful!

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