Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm like, "Wha..?"

Patch 4.3.0

I'm starting to livestream again more regularly than evAr, so be sure to join me and friends in the chat! http://athenelive.com/ember Planning for 6pm PST daily, but don't hold me to that too strictly XD. *giggles*

So, this li'l blog post is actually about a little something happened on my stream a couple days ago. I was playing Minecraft, then everyone was like, "Nuuu! Play WoW!" So, I started up WoW and did two battlegrounds. The first BG in particular went way better than I anticipated it was going to go since I hadn't played WoW since I last streamed it in December, nonetheless I hadn't even PvP'd in over a month. (If you want to watch that particular part of the livestream, you can find the archived video on Own3d.tv here: http://www.own3d.tv/video/423405) It was Eye of the Storm by the way.

I closed out the stats at the end of the BG so fast since I didn't even care to look, but someone in the stream chat pointed out that I was at the top for Alliance. I didn't think anything of it but I found myself watching the PvP part of that stream again just last night to see if anything cool happened that I'd like to edit into a YouTube video. I paused it on the chart and here's a screenshot:

Can you do me a favor? Can you watch that BG (http://www.own3d.tv/video/423405) and tell me how it was even possible that I got the most killing blows? Is it wrong that I feel like Alliance may just suck that much in my battlegroup if I can go away from WoW and get rusty for a month yet still top killing blows when I come back?? I don't know, man.... Or maybe you can watch that EotS and tell me that I actually don't suck at PvP as much as I think I do. lol. I'd appreciate the feedback on my PvP skills (or lack thereof) either way as long as it's constructive. Thanks!

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