Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eiffel 65's Album "Europop" = Draenei

Patch 3.3.2

Just having a little fun relating Eiffel 65's album "Europop" to all things Draenei.

  1. "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" – Self explanatory
  2. "Too Much of Heaven" – C'mon. They're from outer space.
  3. "Dub in Life" – I dunno what this song is actually about.. but it's a good song, so just pretend it applies.
  4. "Living in a Bubble (feat. Papa Winnie)" – Draenei Paladins.
  5. "Move Your Body" – Female Draenei Dance. 'Nuff said.
  6. "My Console" – I know it's about PLAYSTATION, but the track title makes me think of spaceship control center.
  7. "Your Clown" – Male Draenei /silly.
  8. "Another Race" – *sings* "It's another race from outer space.." Draenei [period].
  9. "The Edge" – Their plight on Draenor.
  10. "Now Is Forever" – Draenei life on Azeroth.
  11. "Silicon World" – Draenic Technology?
  12. "Europop" – Another general, dancey song that can apply to any WoW race, so just pretend it applies.
  13. "Hyperlink (Deep Down)" – What happened to the Exodar.
  14. "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" (extended mix) – Self explanatory.


  1. That's one big crush on the Draenei right there.

  2. lol wow those work perfectly for draenei ^^ *just got done listening to all those songs* I actually had thought about making a video for draenei with "Another Race" a while ago.

  3. Thanks for chatting with me in game the other day (Khonsu), I think I made a comment here not sure my isp is being a pain so it might has disappeared into the vast interwebs. I think it was something about having a crush on the Draeni or something like that anyway.

  4. hmm reading this i think we have the same wave length i know i am writing this after but i was thinking of a parody going songs and going into detail about they have the "Ace of Base" Symmetry amongst their songs and could be a great mash up songs. ANyways sorta funny