Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Moon and New Members

Patch 3.2.0

I'm really tired so I'll try to make this brief. I got all the signatures I needed today to create a horde version of New Moon. And just like Isolté the troll shaman's name, so too does Néw Moon (horde) have an accent in it. =D So now I have Isolte of New Moon (Alliance) and Isolté of Néw Moon (Horde). I also made the tabard look exactly the same for both horde and alliance guilds. I made Nuku put on a guild tabard and go to the guild master to pretend to create a new crest so that I could see exactly what colors, border and icon I used. =p

Anyway, I met this cool chick named Veenis. She was the second to last signature I got on the guild charter. To celebrate, we hosted a naked dance party in Orgrimmar and hung out for hours. Eventually, she hopped on her main, Lucrene (Loo-kreen.. I even asked her how to pronounce it,) and we hopped on vent and hung out in game even longer. There was this guy, Frosters, hanging out with us in-game and even on vent, but he didn't have a mic.

Anyway, long story short: Lucrene is cool and I'd like to get to know her more in-game and out. She makes me wish I was leveled to 80 already so we can run heroics 'n shit together. Frosters.. well I'm still kinda figuring him out. Sometimes he was cool, but at other times he was kinda overly excited about things. Oh well. I'd group with him again anyway 'cause he's fun company.

EDIT: LOL I just realized, Frosters' profile currently shows him nekkid. Haha. We were so dancing nekkid in Orgrimmar for hours I swear. Good times.

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