Saturday, August 22, 2009

BlizzCon Excitement and WoWAion?

Patch 3.2.0

Decided not to subscribe to the BlizzCast Live stream since so much life stuff was gonna prevent me from watching it anyway. Also, the stream schedule for Day 2 (Today) looks like only one WoW related item will be shown. =/ Mostly Starcraft and Diablo stuff for the rest of the day.

Stream Schedule - Day 2
11:00am PST - Welcome to Day 2
11:30am PST - Diablo III Open Q&A Panel
1:00pm PST - WoW Dungeons & Raids Panel <==WTF?!
2:30pm PST - StarCraft II Lore Panel
4:00pm PST - StarCraft II Gameplay Panel
6:30pm PST - Closing Ceremony

Although [Grunty] would have been a nice addition to the pet collection, he's not worth my feeling like I wasted money on something I won't even be able to watch. But of what I've read from various fansites like MMO-Champion and IGN, Cataclysm sounds like just what the doctor ordered for experienced WoWers and new WoWers alike.

On a side note, I got a li'l distracted by an Aion ad on WoWhead's site.. Geez, if I have a computer that could play that, I'd definitely at least check it out. That game looks GORGEOUS. The lore is a bit uhm... familiar LOL. Lots of things very easily relatable to the basic WoW lore, like the Maelstrom/Chaos Abyss, the World Tree/Tower of Eternity, Factions (Horde/Asmodian, Alliance/Elyos), The Legion/The Balaur... Even the gameplay and UI look very similar to WoW. Here's a video I found of some gameplay, check it out:

I am in no way saying that you should drop WoW for Aion, but if you're a graphics junkie, I can see why you'd switch =p. I rather enjoy the comfort and stability the World of Warcraft has to offer. XD

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