Monday, July 27, 2009


Patch 3.1.3

Although the experiment with Parallels, Windows, and WoWModelViewer worked, it just barely worked to my liking. After all was said and done, all of those applications plus a duplicate install of WoW to run WMV with took up 37GB on my hard drive. =/ I have a 120GB HD in my computer atm, but I'm a web/print designer and that space gets taken up pretty fast with design apps and my works in progress.

So, in an attempt to clean up my HD, I backed it up and reformatted. I like starting over with a clean system every once in a while cuz it makes my computer feel brand new =). And although I have roughly 67GB available after all my basic apps have been reinstalled (and keeping my 25GB music library on an external drive,) installing Parallels, Windows and a duplicate install of WoW would leave me with 30GB of play room.That may be enough for some people, but I really don't want to constantly worry about how much space I have left if I'm gonna be editing video.

Long story short: I bought a 500GB HD yesterday and I can't wait till it comes in! I guess I see it like this: I'm paving the way for creativity to flow and not get choked up if I hit a roadblock. I really should have done this a looong time ago. I owe a huge thanks to Nukufox's cousin, Hupajupe, for the bright idea of simply upgrading my hard drive. XD

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