Friday, July 10, 2009

Roleplaying & Spirit Beast: Ghost Wolf

Patch 3.1.3

I was doing a little research on the Ancient Grimtotem Spirit Guide because I was one of those hunters who missed out on taming this amazing creature and wanted to see if it may be tamable again. Since Blizzard has introduced Spirit Beasts like Gondria and Loque’nahak in patch 3.1 for hunters to tame with the 51 point talent, [Beast Mastery], I thought maybe the Ghost wolf would be tamable again. But I was wrong. Maybe someday they'll add a new rare spawn in Northrend that looks like the Ghost Wolves.. who knows.

Anyway, in my research I came across so many threads, posts, and blogs about what a tragedy it was that Blizzard removed the ability to tame this beautiful animal [especially after a Blizzard "blue post" stated, "... it will still be possible in future for everyone who wishes to tame this NPC to do so. :)" -- Issuntril, on the European In-Game Customer Support forum] and I found the following response. I myself, residing on a PvP server, thought very little about the impact it would have on players other than the rare look of the beast, but after I read this blog post, I was deeply saddened that Blizzard had gone back on their word about being able to tame the Ghost Wolf.

Tomas "TomWolf" Forsman - January 16th, 2008 @ 1:51 am EST

When I first read about the hunter pet I was sure it was going to get janked. Then, to my own and others disbelief and utter happyness, I read that it was here to stay!

I play on Sporeggar, a pvp-rp server, and I have a very vivid character story wich is known to my entire guild and to other players as well. At level 45 my story started evolving around a new goal, to get the ghost wolf. I just recently payed overprice for the mystical nightfire diamond to prepare myself for when I get to lvl 66 and go hunting for the mystical pet.

Needless to say this pet is a big deal for me and my main character. I’ve involved a shaman player and a priest player in the storyline and we all have been roleplaying around it.

And now I read something that made me shout out bad words that I won’t repeat here…my stomache actually hurt. May sound stupid since this is only a game but it’s not…I enjoy roleplaying, I enjoy the creativity of making the story happen…and now? They lied to us. They just took away a great number of hours I’ve spent on this storyline and the goal that has been driven me. Basicly they made my main character feel joyless for me. I don’t even want to log in to that character right now.

I can only hope that blizzard reads the response on all the forums about this and realise that for once there isn’t a discussion on the topic…everyone is agreeing that this is a bad move and that they are acting like %@@*@#!s on this topic. I don’t mean no disrespect and I’m really trying hard not to use bad language right now because words I don’t want to use are exploding like fireworks in my head right now.

The thing is, I don’t powerlevel since that would go against my storyline. I level in a steady pace and didn’t want to get the wolf as soon as I could but rather get it after a long roleplayed struggle.

They say that it goes against the hunter lore but that’s not true if you think about it. In my story I use a priest and shaman to tame this beast spirit. Only with my hunters knowledge of beast nature, the shamans knowledge of nature spirit and the priests reach into the spirit world could we manage to tame this force.

So it’s not only because I want a cool pet, it destroyed my entire story.

It’s like reading the LoTR if Sauron died and the ring turned into a normal ring in the second book. Frodo would become kind of pointless…so does my character feel for me right now.

I never even once thought of how negatively hotfixes can affect a player's roleplaying experience until I read that post. I don't roleplay often but I'd like to RP more, and this post gave me a little insight on what to watch out for if/when I do RP. But still... Grats to those hunters who do have the Ghost Wolf pet because you've earned it! And to those hunters still wishing... Go camp Gondria. Lol.

And if you are a hunter and don't know about Petopia (, go there NAO!

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