Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy Titanium, Batman!

Patch 3.1.3

I met some guy in Stormwind who seemed to be really interested in my stuff, like my pets, titles, mount, etc.. and he randomly gave me 50g just for showing him where I got the [Ghostly Skull]. During our conversation, I found out that he supposedly makes 2000g per day! I asked him how, and he simply said, "[Mining]". I was very happy to hear this since I'm a miner.

So, I had two stacks of [Titanium Ore] in my bank and [Titansteel Bar] x17. I went to the AH to see how much they were going for and I was shocked. I put up individual stacks of [Titanium Ore]x5 for a buyout of 49g EACH. And that was undercutting the cheapest auction. But the [Titansteel Bar]x1 were going for 95g apiece! Since I don't have a use for the bars, I put up all 17 of them. Three of them were sold within two minutes of me putting them up on the AH. I'm excited to see how much money will be in my mailbox when I log back in later =).

Also, with the rep grind for Ravenholdt underway, I've been getting tons of silk. [Silk Cloth] x20 is going for 1g, which is still better than vendoring it for only 30s.

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