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[Mog Monday] Batgirlqt's Bloodfang

Patch 5.3
Ember Isolte's [Mog Mondays] present us with a thorough look at our favorite transmog sets! With her trained eye for design, Ember explains why certain pieces just "belong" and she helpfully highlights how to obtain each item (Powered by Wowhead). While most of the 'mogs featured here are classics and customs "tailored" by Ember herself, we love to spotlight 'mogs designed and inspired by you! If you have an idea for a 'mog or would like your favorite 'mog featured on [Mog Monday] please contact us!
"Batgirlqt's Bloodfang"


Gear Type: Leather
"-Chain-" links will take you to the Wowhead page of the very first quest you will need to complete in order to unlock the follow-up quest which will reward the 'mog item.
"Vendor" links go to the specific NPC you'll need to purchase the item from.
"Drop" links go to the specific mob (if applicable) that you'll need to kill in order to get the item.
Class: Rogue Only
Faction: A : YES


Shoulder: [Bloodfang Spaulders]Drop: Raid Boss
Chest: [Bloodfang Chestpiece] Drop: Raid Boss
Belt: [Bloodfang Belt] Drop: Raid Boss
Legs: [Bloodfang Pants]Drop: Raid Boss
Feet: [Bloodfang Boots] Drop: Raid Boss
Hands: [Bloodfang Gloves] Drop: Raid Boss 1 | 2 | 3
----- Optional -----
Head: [Cursed Vision of Sargeras]Raid Boss
Back: [Blood Knight War Cloak] Vendor 130 JP
Bracers: [Bloodfang Bracers] Drop: Raid Boss
Note: The bracers are completely covered by the gloves. I've just included the item for "completionists". XD
Tabard: [Tabard of Flame] WoW TCG Loot
Note: Not pictured below.
----- Suggested Weapons -----
Dagger: [Perdition's Blade] Raid Boss
1H Sword: [Blackguard] Blacksmithing
1H Axe: [Frostblade Hatchet] Raid Boss
Note: this axe's model is available to Horde players only. Alliance, please consider using a mace for 'mog instead if you wield an axe.
1H Mace: [Brutal Gladiator's Pummeler] Vendor: 245 HP
Fist: [Silithid Claw] Raid Boss

More pictures and Ember's commentary below the break!


Hello! Today's [Mog Monday] features Nick's rogue, Batgirlqt! Sporting the famous Tier 2 Rogue "Bloodfang" set with content-related weapon [Perdition's Blade]. The non-tier headpiece, [Cursed Vision of Sargeras], adds a personal flair to this classic 'mog.

Why It Works

This set just screams "vanilla rogue" and anyone with a problem with it will have to deal with those daggers.. very likely in their back before they can even protest! The headpiece is a nice change for those that enjoy showing off their hair-dos.


I chose the fist weapons as a match to the [Perdition's Blade] in case one of you rogues out there are wielding a dagger and a fist together. The axe I've featured is Horde only, and in my opinion there is no other 1H axe that matches Bloodfang well enough to include for Alliance. However, if you are wielding an axe, consider transmogrifying it to the suggested mace.

Thank you for checking out my 'Mog Blog! Tell me what you think and leave a comment below! I do read all your comments and I love to hear the feedback! :3 Cheers and see you next time!


It is only my opinion that the items chosen for this 'mog are the best looking for the set. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment with your suggestions of better pieces if you have any! Also, many of the pieces do have alternative items with the same look and color. If you need to find an alternative piece from the ones I've listed above, I highly suggest checking out Icy-Veins' Transmogrification Guides!

More Pictures

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