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[Mog Monday] Isolte's Favorite Lambent Scale Mail

Patch 5.3
Ember Isolte's [Mog Mondays] present us with a thorough look at our favorite transmog sets complete with a list of "Suggested Weapons" for relevant types! With her trained eye for design, Ember reveals why certain pieces just "belong" and she helpfully highlights how to obtain each item (Powered by Wowhead). While most of the 'mogs featured here are classics and customs "tailored" by Ember herself, we love to spotlight 'mogs designed and inspired by you! If you have an idea for a 'mog or would like your favorite 'mog featured on [Mog Monday] please contact us!
"Isolte's Favorite Lambent Scale Mail"


Gear Type: Mail
"-Chain-" links will take you to the Wowhead page of the very first quest you will need to complete in order to unlock the follow-up quest which will reward the 'mog item.
"Vendor" links go to the specific NPC you'll need to purchase the item from.
"Drop" links go to the specific mob (if applicable) that you'll need to kill in order to get the item.
Class: Shaman, Hunter
Faction: A : YES


Shoulder: [Towering Mantle of the Hunt]Drop: Dungeon Boss
Chest: [Lambent Scale Brestplate]Drop: lvl 16-29 mobs/Auction House
Belt: [Cord of Dragon Sinew]Vendor: 1650 JP Alliance | Horde
Legs: [Lambent Scale Legguards]Drop: lvl 22-28 mobs/Auction House
Feet: [Lambent Scale Boots]Drop: lvl 19-29 mobs/Auction House
Hands: [Burnished Gloves]Drop: lvl 15-22 mobs/Auction House
----- Optional -----
Head: [Fiery Beholder Eye]Drop: World Rare/Auction House
Back: [Silksand Cape]Drop: lvl 34-44 mobs/Auction House
Bracers: (Covered by the gloves)N/A
Tabard: (Looks best without one)N/A
----- Suggested Weapons -----
1H Axe: [Mardenholde Axe]Drop: lvl 80-85 mobs/Auction House
1H Mace: [Mardenholde Mace]Drop: lvl 80-86 mobs/Auction House
Fist: [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Slasher]Vendor: 1225 HP Alliance | Horde
Bow: [Mardenholde Bow]Drop: lvl 80-85 mobs/Auction House
Crossbow: (Consider using the Bow or Gun instead.)N/A
Gun: [Noisy Blaster]Drop: lvl 73-81 mobs/Auction House
Note: This item has a ton of exact look-alikes. So please check the Icy-Veins' Transmogrification Guides if you need an alternative!
Shield: [Glorious Shield]Drop: lvl 51-61 mobs/Auction House
Staff/Polearm: [Key to the Planes] Inscription

More pictures and Ember's commentary below the break!


Hey Moggers! Ember Isolte here and I'm back with another mail 'mog! And this time it is not Alliance-only! Yay! :3 Let me start off by saying that this is the very first custom 'mog I've ever made. And what I mean by that is: it's the first 'mog I made a conscious effort to deviate away from using all the pieces in a pre-designed set (i.e. not using every piece from the "Lambent Scale" set.) The inspiration for this 'mog came from my shaman's desire to look like a hunter, so [Towering Mantle of the Hunt] is the main piece that this set is built around. Everything else just fell into place. I am very proud of this look but I will admit that there are a couple things I would change now, after thoroughly analyzing it for today's [Mog Monday] post. But first, let me tell you what I feel does work, and then I'll cover the things that don't! XD

Why It Works

Maybe I'm just biased because I personally put it together, but I honestly love this 'mog because not only does it match the major colors of the set across all pieces (the gold and earthy green), but it also matches a few of the pieces' minor colors (the turquoise, blue and red). The blue-green hues can be seen in the Gloves, Belt, Cloak, and even some flecks of blue in the Boots! And some of the weapons I've suggested are accented with the minor colors as well as the major ones.

When I first created this 'mog, I chose [Lambent Scale Gloves] and [Lambent Scale Girdle]. While the gloves matched the belt, I felt that the green cuffs of the gloves contrasted too much when compared to the shoulders. The negative space between shoulders and gloves appeared too sharply cut out. I decided to replace the gloves with [Burnished Gloves] because the continuity of gold from shoulders to gloves flowed a lot more smoothly. I was ready to keep the Lambent belt when it was a pure coincidence that I purchased [Cord of Dragon Sinew]. I was raiding in Cataclysm at the time, and the Cord was an upgrade for me! The turquoise of the belt buckle just so happened to match the blue in the gloves enough (and I'm a sucker for the higher resolution textures in Cata onward), so I decided to keep it. :3 By the time I found the new belt, I had gotten more familiar with Icy-Veins' Transmogrification Guides, and so I used the guides to find the cloak and other weapon options.


Hehe, I know a lot of you are probably thinking, "Why did you choose that helm?" And I honestly don't have a good answer other than it was what I had on me when I first made the 'mog, and it just grew on me. I've always felt like Engineering was a hunter and rogue kind of profession, so the goggle-styled eyepatch encompassed the "I wanna be a huntard" attitude! XP Honestly though, I believe this set looks the best without showing the helm. But if you'd like a a better looking alternative to the [Fiery Beholder Eye] may I suggest the [Steamworker's Goggles]. The colors of this epic helm from Ulduar matches my Lambent set so much better than my engineer-looking eyepatch, but it is also a little more difficult to get if you can't solo Flame Leviathan! The eyepatch is just one of 2 total single-eye-coverings available for mail wearers and it's very easy to farm.

The other gripe I have is the gun. I feel like out of all the guns available at this time, it is the best matched option. But if I was a hunter, I'd just go with the Bow for this set. And Crossbows have such a small selection of designs that I left out the option all together. Now that we can transmog different ranged weapon types to one another with the release of Patch 5.3, as well as 1-handers to 1-handers and 2-handers to 2-handers (as long as your class can wield the weapon type), I just gave up! But for those of you that really do prefer that bang-bang-bang sound of a gun, I had to pick one! XD

Thank you for checking out my 'Mog Blog! Tell me what you think and leave a comment below! I do read all your comments and I love to hear the feedback! :3 Cheers and see you next time!


It is only my opinion that the items chosen for this 'mog are the best looking for the set. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment with your suggestions of better pieces if you have any! Also, many of the pieces do have alternative items with the same look and color. If you need to find an alternative piece from the ones I've listed above, I highly suggest checking out Icy-Veins' Transmogrification Guides!

More Pictures

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