Monday, June 17, 2013

[Mog Monday] Alliance Mail

Patch 5.3
Hello everyone and welcome to my first official installment of "Mog Monday" here on, and because my main is an Alliance Shaman, we'll kick this thing off with an Alliance themed mail transmog! Hey Hordies, don't leave just yet! I do play a Horde Shaman as well, so expect to see plenty of Horde based "Mog Mondays" in the future. Also, even though there will be tons of Hunter and Shaman 'mogs (since mail is my expertise XD), I am planning other gear-type 'mogs for you Plate-wearers, Leather-wearers, and Clothies! So please stay tuned!

While there are lots of other fantastic "mog blogs" floating around out here on the intarwebs, I'd like to present a more thorough look at our favorite 'mog sets and place as much information in front of you as I can about how to obtain the specific pieces. Most of the 'mogs featured here on "Mog Monday" will be of my own "design" consisting of items that I've hand-picked and discerningly matched together myself. But there will be lots of new 'mogs coming up that have been designed and inspired by you, my friends and fans, and there will be lots of the very best "classic" 'mogs with a li'l Ember Isolte twist! Lastly, a feature of "Mog Monday" that I am most pleased to bring you is the included list of "Suggested Weapons" for all relevant weapon types! Now, let's get to it! *
"Alliance Mail"


Gear Type: Mail Please note: For your convenience, the Source to obtain each piece has been included. Quest "(Chain)" links will take you to the Wowhead page of the very first quest you will need to complete in order to unlock the follow-up quest which will reward the 'mog item. "Vendor" links go to the specific NPC you'll need to purchase the item from. And "Drop" links go to the specific mob (if applicable) that you'll need to kill in order to get the item.
Class: Shaman, Hunter
Faction: Alliance Only

Shoulder: [Pauldrons of the Promise] Dungeon Quest (Auto Accept)
Chest: [Far-a-Day Mesh] Quest (Chain)
Belt: [Sash of Prophecy] Vendor (Rep: Ramkahen-Revered)
Legs: [Agamaggan-Blessed Greaves] Dungeon Quest (Chain)
Feet: [Silvered Bronze Boots] Blacksmithing
Hands: [Swamp Gas Gauntlets] Quest (Chain)
----- Optional -----
Head: [Savage Gladiator Helm] Dungeon Drop
Back: [Homecoming Wrap] Quest (Chain)
Bracers: (Covered by the gloves) N/A
Tabard: [Tabard of Stormwind] Vendor
----- Suggested Weapons -----
1H Axe: [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Cleaver] PvP Vendor (1225 HP)
1H Mace: [Silvermoon War-Mace] World Drop (lvl 60-72 mobs/Auction House)
Fist: [Gargoyle Shredder Talons] Dungeon Drop
Bow: [Rocslayer Longbow] World Drop (lvl 59-72 mobs/Auction House)
Crossbow: [Palisade Crossbow]World Drop (lvl 73-88 mobs/Auction House)
Gun: [Mark "S" Boomstick] Engineering
Shield: [Commander's Crest] Dungeon Drop

* Disclaimer: It is only my opinion that the items chosen for this 'mog are the best looking for the set. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment with your suggestions of better pieces if you have any! Also, many of the pieces do have alternative items with the same look and color. If you need to find an alternative piece from the ones I've listed above, I highly suggest checking out Icy-Veins' Transmogrification Guides!

More pictures below the break!

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