Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project Updates and Roleplay?!

Patch 5.2
Hey people! How are you all enjoying patch 5.2? Gosh, the first day of the patch I was overwhelmed with all the new dailies to do and admittedly I still am. :) But yay for new content! Nuku and I even spent a day farming [Zandalari Dinomancers] for the cute little dino pets they drop *squee*!

Anyway, I thought it was about that time again to update you with my current projects... since I haven't finished any of the ones I mentioned in my last project update. =/ (*sigh* By the way, thanks for being so patient with me missing my own deadlines!) XD But fear not, fans of the random crap I post(!), there will be something for you to enjoy very Soon(TM)! I promise! (*whispers* But instead of making the same mistake of pressuring myself into deadlines for my creative stuffs, I'll stick with the safer deadline of "soon".)

[Projects and something important to me that I'd like your opinion on after the break!] :)

Music - As for music, my plate is pretty full but I have been tending to these songs as time [and my forgetful brain] permits. =D Here's a list in no particular order of the music stuffs I have yet to finish:

  • Yak Wash - A parody of the song "Car Wash" inspired by Dawn Moore of
  • Lithium - An Evanescence parody that QJESTER of YouTube has written lyrics for. I am terrible for putting this song off for so long. If you wonder why I don't do very many collaborations, this is why: I am terrible at managing my free time so I take forever to complete them. :(
  • She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) - This is a collaboration between me and Starwarspunk and maybe (hopefully) an amazing machinimator? I can knock this one out quickly if only I could grab some adequate quiet time to record since this one isn't going to be a parody;  it's just a cover.
  • A collab with Darkpippi - This one is gonna be awesome. He approached me with it, uhm... 2 weeks ago (?) on Facebook, and I just totally flaked. DX BUT, he reminded me about it yesterday and I forced myself to set aside time to at least get my lyrics written. =3
  • ANOTHER potential collab with Darkpippi - I sent him the lyrics of a song I've been holding onto since 2010! The first guy I was gonna collab with back in 2011 fell through, and the 2nd guy in 2012 sometime ALSO fell through. I pretty much forgot about this song until recently. I'm not even sure if Darkpipi wants to do it, so this one is a big "if". :)
Video - Stuff I'm working on and/or hoping to work with others on.
  • Bandit Memorial - At this point, I think it's safe to say that my mourning isn't gonna get in the way anymore. Now it's just a matter of me downloading the rest of the memorial screenshots and saving them in one central location for easy access when putting together the video! Remembering where I left off when saving them all... that will be a small challenge. I made sure I  flagged your email messages as they came in to know which ones I still needed to save pics from, but I'll have to sift through the Facebook messages and Twitter replies and hope that I didn't miss anyone's screenie! 
  • Sweet 16k Thank You - I mentioned this very briefly on Twitter/Facebook, and when I said it, I had NO IDEA what to do for the actual video...... I still don't really know what to do for it. XD But this one obviously has a deadline of, uhm, before I hit 17k? Lol which won't be anytime soon, unless someone famous links my channel. XD Haha.
  • She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) - If I cant find a machinimator (one willing to work with my picky self on the video very closely) I may try my hand at making the machinima myself.
  • Illuminated - Another cover song that I'd like to make a machinima for. I might try to look for a machinimator for this one too, I'm just terribly picky about videos when the song has a lot of personal feelings attached to it.

And now, if your eyes aren't tired enough from reading all the above, OR if you just skipped down to this part (which is totally fine by me too lol) I have a favor to ask you, especially if you are a roleplayer and/or a writer.

Just a few weeks ago, I discovered the in-game addon called MyRolePlay. Ever since then, I've been determined to write a description and biography for my main. I'd like to share with you what I've written for the physical description of, Isolte, the draenei shaman, whom I've played since the release of The Burning Crusade. I only mention that because I feel like only recently have I started to really get to know her by writing about her! :3

Also, I am no writer, so I'd love to hear feedback from those of you that are. Are my sentences too long? Boring? Did I use too many adverbs? If you're a grammar and punctuation pro, I am open to your criticism! I am also very open to make changes at this point so if you have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to let me know. I am very much looking forward to your feedback!

Despite what many things may presently occupy her thoughts, this dark skinned Draenei’s freshened face and poised posture allude to an unmistakable air of confidence. Her firm, athletic frame flaunts top physical fitness, a show of dedication to her primary expertise. And the lavender undertones of her slate-grey skin delicately accentuate her exposed, toned muscles.

Innately complimenting her confident demeanor, the sharp tips of her thick, lengthy horns twist skyward. Her tendrils, slender but a few inches noticeably longer than her kin, are adorned with shoddily crafted cuffs made of a pliable metal-alloy that her people acquired from the world which she was born.

A tiny glimmer twinkles from her direction. Did she wink one of those luminous, light-sky colored eyes at you or was it something else? Perhaps it was just the light reflecting from her small pair of truesilver hoops or maybe a glint from the chain earring dangling from her left lobe. Its dainty, silver links, decorated with six small, cross-shaped charms evenly spaced from top to tip, tickle her tendrils and gently sweep her collar-bone. As she glances down into a pouch at her waist, you see that her right ear lacks a paired match, but a freckle seems to occupy the spot where a piercing would have been. Often mistaken for a speck of glitter, a miniscule Dragon’s Eye stud embellishes the right side of her nose.

Her smokey lids and immaculately lined lips (a "coming of age" gift, makeup tattooed by the skillful hand of her mother) lend her fashionable freedom to wear her hair any way she wishes. Yet her pigment-less locks are typically worn neatly combed, untied, and constantly tucked behind her pointed ears. Flowing smoothly down her neck like a gentle stream in a black and white photo, her platinum-white tresses flourish into the darker, cinereous hair-color of her youth.

As a woman not particularly concerned with the latest fashion, Isolte is typically dressed in her favorite, golden scaled battle garb. But she has been known to dress up (and even down, if you know what I mean... XD) for special occasions and world events.
And that's all I have so far. I'm not exactly sure what else to add, if anything. I might describe her body in a little more detail, especially her hooves and hands. But for now, I think this is a good start! Tell me what you think! Thanks for reading!

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