Saturday, October 27, 2012

Projects in the Works

Patch 5.0.5
Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to update you all on a few projects I'm currently working on. Let me start by sharing my latest video upload which was actually inspired by one of my projects simply out of frustration with WoW Model Viewer! I found a fix for an annoying bug in the program and thought I'd share it with fellow "machinimators" that are dealing with the same issue.

[And now for my list of projects under the cut...]

  • Machinima Project: Illuminated - I recorded a rough cover of the song "Illuminated" by Hurts sometime in January this year and I'd like to post it to YouTube with a WoW music video instead of just a still image.
    Due Date: I have no due date for this one since it's been a work in progress for months now, but it's coming along nicely. If you want to hear my cover, you can find it on my Soundcloud.
  • Song Project: Car Wash - On October 15th, the loverly Dawn Moore of WoW Insider posted an article that a handful of fellow WoWers pointed out to me on Twitter and Facebook. Dawn made a remark asking why Sharm or I haven't made a parody to the Rose Royce song "Car Wash" about Yaks (Lao & Son's Yak Wash quest). ^~^ So, I've got some lyrics down and just need to find time to start recording!
    Due Date: This one is my top priority. I'm shooting for mid November.
  • Song Project: Lithium - User QJESTER on YouTube sent me some excellent lyrics for a parody to Evanescence's song "Lithium". There are a few tweaks I'd like to make to the lyrics for better flow, so after I make the edits and collaborate with QJESTER on them, I'll start recording that one too.
    Due Date: Second priority. I hope to release this song by December.
  • Leveling to 90... LOL - Yes, I'm only 87 as of this moment. Real life has been ...difficult to say the least and gaming has definitely been on the back burner. I'll get there eventually. And honestly, I just haven't been that excited about hitting 90 because of how quickly everyone has already gotten there and I'm afraid of exhausting the content too quickly for myself. I hate missing out on experiencing the content with my friends, but I hate it even more when I'm tired of the content and have no desire to play. So, I decided it'd be best if I take a small break at the start of the expansion so as not to lose interest later on.
    Due Date: Whenever I feel like it! XP
  • Machinima Project: Short Animated Series - I have a vague idea for a machinima series that is still in the birth stages. Once I have more of the idea on paper, I'll keep you all posted and may even involve user input for the direction of the series once I get the main idea fleshed out.
    Due Date: Hoping to release the first episode by mid 2013
  • [EDIT]Video Project: Bandit Memorial - I still have a whole mess of messages to go through and save your heartfelt screenshots to my hard drive so I can get to working on the video. It's just that whenever I start saving pics where I left off in my inbox, I start getting all mopey and teary..... so, Ive been overly emo and until I get all the lovely pics you sent me to memorialize my beloved Puppo, the finishe product will have to wait.
    Due Date: When I'm finally able to stop sobbing when simply looking at all of your screenshots! :p

And that's it for my projects at the moment. Looking forward to sharing more news with you as it comes! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm with you on getting to Level 90 at your own pace and not exhausting the content too quickly. I'm definitely doing the same although most of my guild is already to 90 and starting to raid.