Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Won a New Mount!

Patch 5.0.4
EDIT 09/06/2012: I've just learned that I won this mount during the week of Patch 5.0.4 when there was apparently a bugged drop rate of 100% on Normal mode FL! No one on my server knew about it and I only just found out because of posts I saw on Twitter!

Check out this MMO-Champion thread.
And thank goodness a Blue poster chimed in on the official WoW forums.

I was afraid that I may lose the mount since it was nerdrage'd on by many other players as an "exploit", but looks like I get to keep my perdy fire birdy. Whew!

So, I won this last night: [Smoldering Egg of Millagazor]. *Feels lucky*

And man, I can't wait 'til I hit 87 in MoP and get [Ascendance]. As Enhancement (meleƩ DPS) I used to be prime competition for top DPS on the meters in my raid team, and after patch 5.0.4, I'm competing with our Arms Warrior for last place! XD I kinda feel like meleƩ got the short end of the stick with this patch, but supposedly we'll catch up with our lvl 87 abilities.. Here's hopin'! <3


  1. Nice job on top dps, I was there myself(Hunter) till we broke from raiding the only people that could match or overtake were teh warlock the mage and the overly good warrior person

  2. Life is more than a DPS meter. Its not how much damage you do, its how cool you look doing it!

  3. `Nice one, Ember! Yeah, even as a DK, OP as we are, I do feel like we kinda got a little less then casters did this time around, but hey. I was never one for pure DPS, I always said I'd rather be true to the mechanics and not perform amazingly on the meters as opposed to just being all "Hurr, durr, me SMASH!!!" and pulling an ungodly large number on the meter.

  4. Congrats Ember!! That mount is a beauty! :)