Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ember the Artist

Patch 4.3.4
Howdy folks. Long time no blog. But I'm all over Twitter and Facebook while I'm away from blogging and YouTubing, so if you've been following me over on those social networks what I have to say here now won't be as exciting for you to read. =p I just wanted to update you blog peeps on what I've been up to lately regarding WoW. =]

I'm drawing again!
I've been taking a much needed break from gaming to pick up my sketchbook and start drawing again. The fun thing is that I'm drawing WoW art.... well, actually I've been drawing WoW pornography to be specific. I do plan on drawing clean, safe-for-work WoW pieces in the future as well as the pr0nz and I'll be positing the clean art on my DeviantArt account. All the porn however will be posted to my Hentai-Foundry account since DA's Terms of Service explicitly state that pornographic material is not allowed.

I'll very likely post here when I've got new art up on either site but the chances of a post are a lot higher when I've got clean art to share since I'm not exactly sure how open some of you may be to me posting porn on this blog. I'll definitely flag my blog for adult material if I do grow the balls to post the explicit art on here, but I'll cross that bridge if/when I get to it.

With that said, I will also be opening for art commissions soon. If you know anyone who would be interested in original art by Ember Isolte of their WoW toons, please share the news with them! I'll post up my "pricing guide" soon so keep your eyes peeled.

I hope you check out the links to my DA and HF and like what you see! If you don't like it... too bad for you. :p Thanks for reading!


  1. its kinda surprising that a site called DeviantArt wont allow art that is deviant.

  2. Glad your drawing I've been watching your art.

  3. That is wonderful that you are drawing again! Love the work you have up Ember, keep it up!