Friday, May 18, 2012

Small Update and For the Horde?

Patch 4.3.4

My lvl 85 super slexy orc shaman
Isolte has been fairly busy getting to know her guild-mates this past month and for the first time in her little draenei life she finally defeated a boss while the end-game content was still current! Haha! Yes, I finally downed [Madness of Deathwing] and even more exciting: I won the super rare [Reins of the Blazing Drake]!!! Thursday, May 10 was an exciting day: I wrote, recorded and released a new parody, killed Deathwing, AND won the mount?! All in a day!? I'm obviously still in disbelief. And I truly believe I won the mount roll because of the fact that I released a new parody since I've been long overdue for one, and the WoW gods smiled down upon me that day! =3

And with the release of Diablo III this last Tuesday the 15th, a great many of my guildees have been absent from Azeroth! My server is far from deserted, but since everyone and their mothers are playing D3, I decided that it was a good time to level up my Horde shaman! She's only my second level 85 toon ever and she's geared for regular heroics at the moment. I hope to someday play with some horde friends now that I have a max level horde character. ^_^ I really couldn't bring myself to faction change my main, so this was the only alternative! XD

Some of you who have seen my past livestreams may have noticed that my hordie is an orc now! She used to be a troll for the "pretty" factor, but I never really felt like she suited me very well, so I race changed her and I've never felt more at home with being a horde. =3


  1. For the horde ;) And omg grats on the mount dearie!

  2. Its so good to see you playing for the good guys now! Victory for Sylva..... For the HORDE!