Saturday, March 27, 2010


Patch 3.3.3

So, I've been a huge fan of SLASH/dance's Frame of Mind video for a very long time. I can honestly say that it is one of THE most inspiring WoW machinimas I've ever seen. If you haven't seen that one, it is a MUST SEE...

But I have not been a very good SLASH/dance fan! D: I didn't realize that they made even more machinima-ey goodness 'til my friend, Baheena, posted Yesterday's News on her Facebook feed! Thanks, Baheena!

The above video is SLASH/dance's entry to the World of Warcraft Rise to Power Movie contest sponsered by Alienware. Although they didn't place, this machinima is definitely worth watching! Enjoy!

And for more SLASH/dance, visit their website!


  1. That video is so sad. I think WoW has lost something since vanilla. "Easier" is not necessarily always better. :p

  2. Oh wow that video is awesome.

    "Frame of Mind" is one of my all time favorite WoW machinima, and it's regularly replayed. This new one is just as incredible.

  3. @Anna - I completely agree.

    @Misae Silverfall - I love "Frame of Mind" so much, I find myself watching it over and over again when I need inspiration to do pretty much anything. Lol. I'm not even a huge Ataris fan.

  4. Amazing vid... I love the 'stills' of the lone stones... Very touching.

  5. I really liked this video and can't believe it didn't place. There were a lot of great videos in the Rise to Power contest though, it's just a shame that a few well deserving videos (like this one and wowcrendor's) didn't win anything. I wasn't aware of this one, until I came on your blog, so thank you for pointing it out!

  6. @Dr. Fink - I couldn't agree with you more!! I even skipped bak to the "stills" t watch them again and then realized they weren't stills.. it's just that empty in those parts now. *sigh* Makes me want to use the stones just for the fun of it since they removed the lvl requirements.

    @Ken - I think Sedrin, the main guy of SLASH/dance, explained why "Yesterday's News " didn't even place. Something about not following the purpose of the "Rise to Power" theme (they didn't technically portray a charaacter's rise to power rather a "rise to.. enlightenment?" as he said on their website/blog. ^_^

    But nonetheless, it is an amazing video/story. Check out their REDSHIFT series. I'm sure you'd enjoy that as well.