Monday, March 1, 2010

Isolte is...

Patch 3.3.2

... currently making new link buttons for the side bar. ^_^
Look over there *points* ======>

EDIT 8:00pm:
Silly The buttons finally look the way I want them to, but I had to edit them after uploading, so I re-uploaded them after deleting...whew. So, they look a little screwy now but as soon as photobucket catches up with me, I think they'll be all better. ^_^

Also, I do all my designy work on my Mac, so my blog is best viewed *drun roll please* ...on a Mac! (Tested in Safari 4.0.4, Firefox 3.5.7, and Chrome 5.0.307.110). Also tested in the most recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer for WindowsXP and Vista... though I really do believe it just looks better on a Mac. Lol. Fonts just don't look the same on a PC as they do on a Mac =/. Oh well. I try my best to make it all pretty for you PC users since most of you are! XD


  1. Looks awesome, girly ^^ I might have to try my hand at making some buttons for my blog :3

  2. @RavenSylphe - This was on my To Do list ever since I put the links there! I have my blog bookmarked as my start page specifically for those links and I finally got tired of not being able to see the distinction between the text that I just had to do it!

    Also, I didn't make those from scratch. The side borders and the buttons are from the WoW Fan Site Kit (available from themselves!!), just slightly edited in one way or another to fit my blog. ^_^ There are way more tools in the Fan Site Kit than I even used, but I hope you can find something useful in there too! I randomly found it one day looking through all the sidebar links on and though, "What a great place to start making my blog look WoW-y!" XD