Monday, January 11, 2010


Patch 3.3.0a

New song for me, old song for Eidni and Gack, the clever lyricists who wrote this next tune. Thank you both so much for letting me sing your song! Hope everyone enjoys my cover as much as I enjoyed recording it!


  1. Wheres the link to download the mp3 of this one? I wanna hear you on my cellphone! :)

  2. @Sandro Vultur - I just added it to the "Downloads" page. Thanks for your interest. ^_^

  3. I wish I knew how to find these girls. I'm starting a guild that's different and unique. I really believe it will work but it will basically be run by women. I cant find them. I think they just assume im a creep but I swear im not. I did this in honor of my sister who played most of her time playing alone because of creeps.