Monday, November 30, 2009

"Guild Meeting" and New Friends!

Patch 3.2.2

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! Whew, what a busy weekend. Time to wind back up and get back in the grind of things. Hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyable as ours!

One notable event this weekend was our "Guild Meeting". It wasn't really a guild meeting, it was really just us hanging out at my place, nothing official. lol. ^^ So, most members of my tiny li'l guild are local and Nuku and I invited everyone over for a second Thanksgiving of sorts. We made a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes.. it was our first Thanksgiving as hosts, so that was a bit nerve wracking, but in the end everything turned out better than I had expected!

It was so nice to finally meet Lucrene (Jadella in my guild) and her man, Peppovitch! I was so afraid that we'd find out that we only would make good vent buddies, but I am very happy to say that I think we clicked. ^_^ *hopes Miss Mojo feels the same* I can't wait 'til we hang out again.

Another "event" was that it was my birthday on Saturday. We hosted the "guild meet" on Saturday too, I just never told anyone it was my birthday cuz I didn't want ppl to feel obligated to come over or bring anything. *feels sneaky*

In other news, I'm considering this my second favorite birthday present this year (first being the 20" LCD Nuku got me..) and although the gift isn't a gift, and the person it's from had no idea it was my birthday, I'm still considering it an awesome "gift"!! So, Raven.Sylph.G, a very talented, up and coming Machinima Producer, has decided to make a music video for my cover of Ryan's Ninja Raiders, and she sent me a work in progress clip! I'll be sure to post the link to the finished video when she's worked her magic! And if you haven't seen her work before, definitely check out her YouTube page: Raven.Sylphe Productions!

That's it for now so, thanks for stopping by! And please, if you have a blogger or an OpenID, don't be shy, leave a comment!


  1. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <33333333333

    I see our friendship going a long way ^^

  2. I wish I had known it was your birthday on Saturday, then I would have made the clip extra special! I guess I'll just make the finished product a late birthday gift or something.

  3. @The Mojo - <3

    @Disani - You're terrific! And I just noticed that you're also a Sagittarius. ^_^ That means your birthday just went by too, huh?

  4. No, actually my birthday is the 19th of it's about 17 days away!