Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Personal Drama Lulz... Read at your own risk!!!

Patch 3.2.0

Tradechat-Troll of Daggerspine, Luzzy, decided to target li'l ol' me yesterday in his tradechat rants. Lol. At first, of course, I was shocked and defensive and I sent Troll some ranting tells to cut it out. (I was mostly upset that he was pretty much fake to me before and proved yesterday that all he ever looks for is people to make fun of in trade.) What he said, no rather spammed about me in trade was true, the fact that I consider myself a furry, but the implications of what he said are definitely NOT.

Oh well. People who want to know more about me will find that out anyway, since my music for download is hosted on my Business website, blackbackstudio.com. I'm just annoyed at the fact that immature, uninformed kids will come to the conclusion that I am a stereotypical "furry", you know, the ones that you see on CSI or MTV's Sex2k episode. But I guess, it comes with the territory of trying to get my name out there for people to listen to my music.... and it's good for business, since obviously, people are checking out BlackBackStudio.com. =)

And, just for the record, since uninformed losers may even read my blog: I don't have sex with my dog or any animals for that matter, I don't have sex in animal costumes, and I don't enjoy watching animals have sex.. And even if I DID any of that nasty, illegal shit, why is it anyone else's business but my own? Oh yeah, I know why: because I'm becoming more popular than the Trolls and they're getting jealous XD. Anyway, I consider myself a furry because I like anthropomorphic art and literature (think egyptian gods and goddesses). Plus I build mascot costumes, perform in costume at children's events for community service, and I'd like to be just one more person who calls herself a furry who can change what some people THINK furries are. It's just up to you to accept that some furries are normal just like you.

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