Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WTB Ventrilo Host

Patch 3.2.0

Nuku's cousin rents a vent server for his guild, Massacre , but it just doesn't feel right using it when Nuku and I are pugging with people who are not in . Technically, we aren't in Massacre either (or anymore rather), so we're looking into finding a good host for our li'l guild, New Moon. My intention for New Moon at the start was to create a guild that was as casual and [keyword!!] comfortable for all members. But I haven't done any recruiting since we basically use the bank for ourselves and a couple of friends. XD

I'm not sure we'll start raiding hardcore ever and even if we don't, it'd still be nice to have our own vent, cuz the in-game voice stuff is still kinda cruddy. So, if you can recommend a good quality Vent host, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

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  1. UGT Servers and TypeFrag are both pretty good.