Friday, August 28, 2009

Ninja Raiders

Patch 3.2.0

Finished recording my version of "Ninja Raiders". Thanks to Ryan, a.k.a. Roninhobbit on YouTube for allowing me to cover his WoW parody cover of Beyonce's "Single Ladies". He wrote all the lyrics, I just covered it. I figured, why write a new WoW parody to a song I was going to write one for when a parody of it already exists? So, I asked Ryan if I could cover his lyrics, and he said yes! XD

I don't want to just throw it up on youtube without a video, and I may not even make a video for this one since Ryan already has one with his original cover. I'm a li'l nervous about this one too, since I don't have any affects on the main vocal. So it's a lot more raw-sounding than "Shut Up and Grind." But it's online so if you wanna listen, here it is:

I ain't no Beyoncé, so don't hate on me too much. lol.


  1. Hahah, brilliant! As much as I love the original, your voice is much better suited to this song. I hope to see a video of it soon.

  2. I just wanna say that a friend of mine (we're both Horde on Andorhal) found this the other day, and then made me listen to it. Neither of us can get it out of our heads. Fantastic job. You have a great voice. Props to the guy who wrote it, but we heard the original, and it took your voice to get it stuck in our heads in a way we could enjoy. So thanks very much for singing it. Would love to hear more in the future.

  3. madglitters - Thanks! I've been in touch with a couple people on getting a video made, and if that falls through, I may just post it up on the forums to see if anyone else is interested.

    uviathon - Thanks for taking a moment to comment on my blog! I really appreciate your compliments. Hope the song doesn't start to annoy you! lol. Btw, I'm leveling up a couple horde toons, since they lifted the PvP server restrictions, to sort of see what it's like before Cataclysm comes out ^^. And not to be cheesy, cuz I very rarely RP, but I've always enjoyed the neutral faction views of the Cenarion Circle and the Argent Crusade. Like, it doesn't matter if you're horde or alliance, we're all in the "world" together! Can't we all just get along? ^_^... ( I just suck at PvP rofl.)

    - Isolte, Daggerspine (US-PvP)