Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Patch 3.1.1

Ok, so I've been hanging out on vent a lot lately and today it just seems to get on my nerves and make me not want to play WoW for a while. It's been great being on more often since I've been playing with a friend a lot more, but his friend is starting to get on my nerves and I've only played with this guy a few times.

So, I personally can't stand people who seem just outright selfish in-game, and I'm getting the vibe that this guy is really selfish and/or just young-minded all together. I understand feeling like you need to get all the gear when you re-rolled factions on a new server for a friend, but this guy sounds just annoying. He talks about getting gear and flat out using people like its all apart of the game and it just makes me so annoyed, I want to either mute him or just quit vent.

Specific example that got me annoyed: My friend and our guildmate, Death, is a scribe. He's still in search of the new Glyph Mastery books to learn the new 3.1 glyph inscriptions. Nuku, my husband, found a Glyph Mastery book and just gave it to Death. And I'm sure if Death wasn't a scribe, Nuku would have asked if anyone in the guild needed the book. This annoying guy on the other hand, found a Mastery book and put it up on the AH. =/ That's just selfish IMO. I mean, yeah, it was his loot, he found it, and he can do whatever he wants with it, but doesn't that seem like a selfish move knowing that there are scribes in the guild that could have used the book AND are friendly people enough to help you out where they can? I mean, Death has done nothing but hook us up with lower level glyphs, and even farm for stupid rare loot because he's just "bored".

The bottom line is, I don't help selfish people in-game. If someone asks me for help, I give it where I can even before I even know the person. But if they won't help me or a fellow guildmate, then they weren't worth the time I spent helping them. Gah!

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