Monday, August 18, 2008

To Respec or Not to Respec...

Patch 2.4.3

That is actually not the question.. lol. I ran some AVs tonight with my fiance, his cousins, and our friend but I didn't respec. I figure: I'll farm the honor and marks while still enhancement spec'ed and just grab the PvP gear for the spec I'll choose when I decide to do it. But I'm still feeling iffy about what to choose..

Resto or Elemental... That is the question.

I have a feeling that Chris' cousin's want me to spec elemental, but I'm not exactly sure what their reasons are. I'm wondering if they want to see how I fare as elemental compared to another eleshammy they know. =/ And I'm only leaning a little more toward resto simply because I've seen how survivable they are in PvP. Maybe I'll just ask them tomorrow why they want me to be elemental. Maybe they know something I don't.

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