Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Quick Update

Another long overdue but quick update!
  • I've been playing WoW Classic (Server: Atiesh (US) Class: Paladin) and loving it!
  • Played through the 8.2.5 WoW update and feel mostly positive about it. 😅
  • I am going to BlizzCon next month November 1-2, 2019.
  • I'm going to the CalCap Airshow this Saturday, October 5.
  • I've updated my Minecraft server to 1.14.4 and will reopen it (whitelisted) in a couple days.
  • Mental and physical health still on the decline but I'm still alive, so yay!
  • Cola doggy is still awesome and vet says he's in great health, just more bumpy and worty. 😂
  • Relationship with Nukufox is steady as she goes. (Technically just had our 13th YEAR anniversary last week despite all the bumps and huge pitfalls along the way.)
  • Second Life and 3D modeling has taken a back seat to pretty much everything else, but I did make this cool flyer and poster for my friends who got it printed to give out at the very last BronyCon this year: 
SL Pony Community 2019
And that's it for now. See you guys next year! I was going to say, "Just kidding!" but let's be honest here. I haven't kept this blog going consistently at all, and I recently only came back because the Photobucket watermarks and blurring of my website images got on my nerves enough for me to come back over and move all of the images to Imgur to remove the watermarks. 😂 So, I'll see you when I see you.

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